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Pain in the leg

By Kim O’Leary Do you ever wonder what the term ‘shin splints’ means? Shin splints has been widely used as a catch-all term referring to a collection of different conditions that cause lower leg pain. The term Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) better defines this injury, and separates it from injuries such as stress fractures […]

Improving Your Ergonomics

By Sophie Marshall Still working from the dining room table, or are you heading back into the office? How’s your posture after an hour or two? Bad ergonomics are a pain in the neck/back/bum, so there’s no better time to optimise your workstation ergonomics! Ergonomics help facilitate better posture. Good ergonomics reduce the kinds of […]

Falls Prevention and Physiotherapy

By Jack Gangemi Falls place a large amount of pressure on the healthcare system and cause great personal angst in the community. Unfortunately for people over 65, falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalisations and the second most common cause of community injury hospitalisation. Globally, approximately 28 to 35 per cent of people aged […]

Calf pain – Have I actually injured the calf itself?

By Allister Horncastle A question I am frequently asked is: “I have a sore calf, have I strained it?” The best way to answer this is to ask yourself: 1. Was there was an event that caused immediate calf pain? 2. Or did it build up slowly? The answers to these questions will almost always […]

Physiotherapy and Prostate Health

June 15-22 is Men’s Health Week, so it’s time to talk about prostate health! What is the prostate? The prostate is a walnut sized gland that sits below the bladder and produces majority of the fluid that makes up semen. It is normal for the prostate to grow as men age; however, as the prostate […]


To all our breastfeeding mums: did you know our women’s health PhysioPro Sophie treats blocked ducts and mastitis? Sometimes the ducts that carry the milk from deep in the breast to the nipple can become blocked. Milk builds up behind the blockage, resulting in a painful lump. If the blocked duct is not cleared quickly, […]

Could It Be Runner’s Knee?

By Allister Horncastle As we all keep to the government’s regulations – which thankfully are continuing to ease – in the clinic I am noticing an influx of people with non-specific knee pain. It’s often from an increase in running or from commencing a running program. However, it’s not just runners that are getting this […]

Build a Bridge and Get Over It

Exercise Spotlight ‘THE BRIDGE’ with PhysioPro Justin Rudolph. The bridge is a great gluteal strengthening exercise but also target other muscles such as the rectus abdominis, erector spinae, hamstrings and adductors. Justin demonstrates a standard bridge and then progresses it to lower base of support with arms crossed, single leg lifts which challenges him further […]

Text Neck

By Kim O’Leary From an evolutionary perspective, we are designed to be standing upright, looking over the savanna for our prey or predators. Before this, as primates, we were designed to be in the jungle swinging between trees with traction forces elongating the spine and decompressing our discs.  Enter today, we spend our time flexed […]