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Movie Goers Knee Pain

Patella femoral syndrome or maltracking of the knee is the most common presentation of knee pain where the outside structures of the knee are stronger than the inside structures of the knee. This causes maltracking and the knee cap to not sit correctly on the cartilaginous groove which causes inflammation and pain. Often these people […]

Physio and Doctor Fatigue

When someone has had a serious or long term or difficult to clearly categorise injury, where there has been Doctors, Physios, scans and second opinions from everyone from their brother in law to the specialist then they may suffer from this condition. They are tired of having to get to another appointment. Tired of contradictory […]

Yoga and Physio

Yoga is now widely recommended by physiotherapists to help with injury prevention and recovery. The way in which it can help is by the slow and controlled movements can help with better biomechanics. For example with a person with a chronic back injury the slow and controlled movements can help engage abdominal muscles first to […]

Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists

The relationship with physiotherapists and exercise physiologists (EP’s) is a great one to develop and create through open communication with each other. In the private practice setting there are alot of opportunities to meet EP’s and start the communication. On a broad level physic’s skill sets are in anatomy, biomechanics and physiology and how that […]

Physios Running Away with the Circus

Have you ever watched a circus entertainer and remark on their anatomy, flexibility and strength. With these athletes brings an unusual role of a sports physio to keep these athletes who may be super strong, hyper mobile or super athletic at their best and keep them injury free. Like with a lot of things prevention […]

Doping and Physio

Doping and illegal drug activity has been prevalent in all sports but never has it been highlighted more than with the Essendon supplement scandal which threw the team into chaos and eventually lead to multiple suspensions, loss of a Brownlow Medal and loss of respect from the national sporting world. Physiotherapists have obligations when they […]

Waterworks is also Men’s Business

Wetting your pants is often joked about as problem we develop in old age. It is also more commonly associated with women however there are a lot of men who will suffer the same problem. Consumption of caffeine and alcohol can affect our waterworks so sometimes if there is a problem it may simply be […]

Physio Going to the Dogs

Physio is not just for humans. Animals can also have their favourite physio treat them as well. Horses and dogs are the primary animals that have physio because their performance can be monetised but their is also physio that can be used for animals that Just like humans animals have operations, they need splints, they […]

Astronauts and Dizziness

Did you know that when astronauts return to earth they suffer severe vertigo symptoms as their inner ear which is the major part of our vestibular system has to adjust to effects of gravity back here on earth. They can suffer nausea, vomiting and loose their balance. This problems is not just isolated to going […]

Pain in the Leg

Do you ever wonder what the term shin splints means? The term shin splints has been widely used as a catch-all term referring to a collection of different conditions that cause lower leg pain. The term Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) better defines the injury and separates it from injuries such as stress fractures or […]