Return to run after an overuse injury to the lower limb is a difficult discussion for a physiotherapist. Hold your patient back for too long, a patient can get frustrated and go and do it anyway. Let them go early and an injury can recur. Often it’s best for a patient to discover it themselves.

If a patient is returning to running after a plantar fascia injury or Achilles tendonopathy, a good rule is that a patient can return to running if they can do a brisk walk for 10km without symptoms during, directly after or the next day. If they do feel pain, it’s best to continue to do strength and conditioning for the injured joint and offloading exercise like bike, boxing or swimming until they can perform the 10km pain free. It is also critical to gradually return with decompression days between to ensure that the injury doesn’t return.

Discuss this with your PhysioPro for further guidance with your return to run program.

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