Wetting your pants is often joked about as problem we develop in old age. It is also more commonly associated with women however there are a lot of men who will suffer the same problem.

Consumption of caffeine and alcohol can affect our waterworks so sometimes if there is a problem it may simply be a case of having more water and less coffee and beer. But the urge to go more often then others can also be habitual. For example if we ‘just in case toilet.’ We go to the toilet before we go out, when we walk past a toilet, before we hop in the car ‘just in case,’ which creates the feeling of fullness earlier.

Men can specifically have problems with toiling if they have an enlarged prostate, after prostate surgery or even if they have chronic constipation it can stretch the muscles and damage the nerves similarly to childbirth with women.

It is important to consult your Physiopro with some ideas about how to strengthen your pelvic floor if you are having problems with your waterworks.

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  1. Kim OLeary
    Kim OLeary says:

    Prostate surgery is very common and it can lead to weakness in the pelvic floor and the abdominal corset and subsequently a back that is vulnerable to injury. Whenever a patient has had this type of surgery it is important to recondition the pelvic floor and the abdominal corset and core to prevent the occurrence of injuries like disc bulges. Contact your PhysioPro to discuss the best way to recondition your core through careful exercise prescription and the Pilates method.


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