The Bed Blame Game

When we wake up sore we often want to blame the bed. For obvious reasons. My back wasn’t sore when I went to sleep and when I woke up it was. ‘I need a new bed!’

There is another potential cause – ‘inflammation.’

If you wake up sore it could purely mean that you had an inflamed facet joint or disc. Overnight that inflammation built up, distended the disc or joint, caused nerve irritation and then you woke up sore.

When you move your back during the day there is a mechanical pump around your discs and joints which moves and disperses synovial and other fluid which keeps the disc and joints lubricated.

It is important to address your back issue before blaming the bed.

Good tips is to gentle rotate your back left and right, gently stretch into flexion and extension with some stretch poses before bed to see if that helps. Alternatively contact your PhysioPro for an assessment.

Don’t rush out and buy a new bed unless you have tried a few things like: flipping a mattress, sleep on a other bed and see if that makes a difference or alternatively change sleeping positions. It could save you a lot of money.

Happy sleeping!

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