Physios or Painiacs? Good Pain and Bad Pain

Physiotherapists have a great reputation of relieving pain. But we can also be paniacs. Maniacal about the science of pain.

When we are assessing patients we want to know what their pain is so we have to cause it to assess it. That might be the first pain you feel in the consult. The patient might say ‘That’s my pain,’ and you know you have the spot. The second will be during treatment.

Often the patient will say, that’s good pain, that’s pain where it feels like it is resolving the problem. Like triggering out a really sore knot in a muscle. This opposed to a bad pain like if you are inflamed and just sprained your ankle and someone rubs it or you knock it again. In an Acute inflammation situation you should try to avoid pain as your body is protecting the area trying to tell you something.

Physios are experts in pain. If you are suffering call your PhysioPro today to discuss your pain and get some good pain for your injury!

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