Injury Prevention Strategies For Winter Sport Pre-Season

Winter sports are upon us. A good pre-season is critical for a good season. Previously there was a feeling that injuries were just something that happened. They were unavoidable. Inevitable even, if you are playing pivoting, shifting, change of direction or contact sport.

New thinking in this field tells us that with strength and conditioning and sports specific exercises we can prevent injuries from occurring. Below are some examples.

ACL is a dreaded injury for any soccer, netball, rugby and footballer. There are things that you can do to prepare your body for the rigours or change of direction. Cutting, jumping, box jumps, mini hurdles, ladder runs, bosu ball, mini trampoline and skipping can help in addition to pelvic and leg strength.

Hamstring injuries can be helped with nordics, Romanian deadlifts, hip extension resisted band exercises, hamstring curls and gluteal strength.

Osteitis pubis has also been shown to cause long term problems particularly with younger athletes and can cause months if not years of lay off. Gluteal strength, particularly of the gluteus medius is critical for prevention. More stable core and pelvis, less groin irritation.

Prepare your body and your body will thank you. It could even reward you with an injury free year. Good luck with all your winter sporting endeavours.

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