If the shoe fits wear it. Right? WRONG! We all have a different foot and arch shape and we should look for shoes accordingly. A good shoe will help alignment of your feet, knees, hips and back. Poor shoes can both cause and reduce healing times for injury. If you can grab your current shoes and you can wring them out with your hands then then imagine what is happening when you put all your body weight through them.

How often you should buy new shoes will depend on what surface you use them on, your weight, the way you run and your usage. So if you have decided to look for a new pair of shoes then which type? Well that depends on your foot.

A neutral shoe is for a normal foot which needs cushioning for shock absorption and a small amount of stability. High motion control shoes are for people who have a low arch commonly known as flat feet or for the person who’s arch pronates or collapses on impact. Some people have high arches and their are shoes for this person known as a supinator who’s arch doesn’t collapse at all on impact.

Some people wear orthotics because of previoius injury or for extra support. This should be taken into account when purchasing a new pair of shoes.

It’s best to go with a brand that suits your work, sport and foot needs. Consult your local shoe sales represenatative for advice. A good salesperson will look at your walking, standing and running pattern. They will also ask you about injury history. It can also be helpful to bring in your old shoes to see where the tread is wearing on the underside for clues as to which type of runner you are. Good fitting shoes is also critical. Some people have 2 different sized feet so it is also important to also take that into account for sizing.

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  1. Kim OLeary
    Kim OLeary says:

    Shoes are critical for over use injury prevention. I recall Sean Sargent from Floreat Physio remarking one day to a flat footed patient who was wearing a thin sole, unsupportive shoe for running every morning who had recurrent shin splints that he might as well have been wearing two pairs of socks instead for the little amount of support his shoes were giving him!


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