Happy Shoulders = Happy Swimmers

Congratulations to all our swimmers who completed the Rottnest Crossing on Saturday just gone. It is an amazing achievement wether in a group of 4, 2 or solo.

Swimmers shoulder – usually a combination or bursitis and tendonopathy which causes impingement with movement – is very common.

For all of those who are sore in the shoulders today here are the PhysioPros common causes of swimmers shoulder. Correcting these technique issues should make happy shoulders which equals happy swimmers.

  1. Poor mid back rotation as hand enters water (short stroke/staying too flat on stomach)
  2. Not getting elbow higher than hand during the catch phase of the stroke.
  3. Not getting elbow higher than hand during recovery phase of stroke.
  4. Poor head position (need to have eyes to bottom of the pool and bottom goggle in the water when turning to breathe).
  5. Crossing over the midline/hand placement too wide.

Preparation for Rottnest Crossing 2021 starts now. Good luck!

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