Hamstring – Tear or Neural

Hamstring tears are common in football, netball and any sports that require quick explosive movements. It is however incredibly difficult to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate.

We have all heard of the back related hamstring. This indicates that there is a structure that could be irritating the sciatic nerve masquerading as a tear. It has been estimated that up to 30% can be estimated to be neural. This has been confirmed in MRI findings where players are scanned and all signs point to a tear, pain in palpation, hamstring curl and functional tests. But on scan there is no tear to see.

Anecdotally leading sports doctors have found that clinical testing can be misleading. 2 patients with similar tests can have 2 vastly different results.

Largely neural hamstring pain is a quicker recovery and requires a different management manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation.

Consult your PhysioPro who can guide you with differentiating the two and can give you a clear rehabilitation plan to recover in the quickest way.

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