In the physio world compression garments were originally reserved for the hospital setting to prevent post operative DVT’s and improve patients circulation. They are now however used widely by athletes to assist them in the sporting goals and to improve their performance. People who use compression garments report a series of benefits.
Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is that sore feeling that you get for the next couple of days after you push the limits with the leg work out. It’s when you suffer with every step on the way to work the next day. People report their muscles feel better and less DOMS with compressions which means that you can back up training better and reduce the sore off days.
Patients can feel their muscles work better with compression which can help with feeling a muscle stretch which means that you can pull up early instead of tearing or straining the muscle.
They can lock in warmth and take away moisture which is important in the middle of winter when you are training outside with a stiff breeze. If you are training in summer they also double as sun protection. If you suffer from chafing they can be a godsend.
Compressions are now used for almost every part of the body to help with soreness and improve performance. It is however important that they are good quality and fit well so as to not feel restrictive and will allow for stretch so that they will last the distance.

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  1. Kim OLeary
    Kim OLeary says:

    Compression garments are assistive to injury prevention and post exercise soreness however it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for a warm up jog, cycle or walk and a stretching regime. In conjunction they can be a good tool to reach your maximum performance on game day and prevent soreness the day afterwards.


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