Body Awareness

Awareness is a term that is thrown around a lot. Sporting awareness is often referred to as when a player is aware of where the ball is going to go. Aware of their opponent, with their strengths and weaknesses. Aware of the time in the game and the time on the clock. This awareness will make a good sportsmen and sportswomen.

Body awareness will give these athletes the ability to go from good to great because it will give them continuity of playing which will give them ability to consistently perform.

Foot awareness maybe a stress fracture hiding in the navicular. Achilles awareness maybe a tendonopathy brewing under the surface. Groin awareness maybe adductor tendonopathy or even osteitis pubis beginning. If you can make contact with your health professional and discuss your feelings of awareness then they can make a decision on reducing load or improving key areas like flexibility or strength.

Be body aware and listen to your body. Get in contact with your PhysioPro if you are feeling very aware of an area. It may save you a long lay off with injury.

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