Did you know that when astronauts return to earth they suffer severe vertigo symptoms as their inner ear which is the major part of our vestibular system has to adjust to effects of gravity back here on earth. They can suffer nausea, vomiting and loose their balance.

This problems is not just isolated to going into outer space. Vertigo in the general population is also very common and can be one of the most common things that a physiotherapist will get a referral from a GP for.

Physiotherapists are trained with strategies to desensitise the vestibular system with methods such as the Employ’s and Dix-Hallpike procedure.

Call your Physiopro today to discuss how they can help ease and settle your symptoms of dizziness.

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  1. Kim OLeary
    Kim OLeary says:

    Balance is just like any other skill. Practice makes perfect. When you are feeling unsteady and there are frequent falls occurring it is best to contact your local PhysioPro to discuss the problems that could be occurring. This could be weakness of the lower limbs, poor response time with your muscles and balance systems or alternatively it could be the poor environment that you are living in which could lead to falls. For example there could be pavers that are lifted on the path, hoses in the way, rugs that lift up or poor lighting in the house. Balance needs practice and no better place to start than with your local Physio to discuss the best treatment plan.


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