When someone has had a serious or long term or difficult to clearly categorise injury, where there has been Doctors, Physios, scans and second opinions from everyone from their brother in law to the specialist then they may suffer from this condition. They are tired of having to get to another appointment. Tired of contradictory statements. Tired of not getting a clear result.

This is when there needs to be good communication between the allied health professionals and the Doctors or the specialists where there is shared opinion. Even if there is disagreement in the exact pathway of treatment patients in this day and age are educated and would benefit from sound argument and logic especially when it comes to their injury. This can be done with letters or emails or even better yet on the phone or in person.

Medical fatigue can also be improved by everyone involved taking the time to explain the presentation and their role clearly to the patient. Communication may also involve the young patients parents, the elderly patients children or the patients partner to make it clearer for all to understand the problem and the pathway ahead.

If you are confused about your presentation ask more questions. If you still feel that it has not been explained well you may wish to get a second opinion from another therapist or doctor as understanding your condition is the first step to recovery.